Our best value mechanical keyboard pick is 60% off right now

The price algorithm seems to have noticed the number of sales, and the keyboard’s price has drifted higher over the past hour or two. As of the time of writing, it’s at £52, which is still comfortably below the previous best price we’ve ever seen for this board but not quite as good as the £36 we spotted originally. Original article continues below:

The Xtrfy K4 TKL is our top value mechanical keyboard recommendation based on its original RRP of £90, but today it’s seen an incredible price drop that brings it into impulse buy territory. This Swedish-made keyboard now costs just £36.59 on Amazon, making it one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards we’ve ever seen.

Let’s quickly run through why the Xtrfy K4 TKL was our best value pick at £90 – and why you should absolutely buy one at £36, before it goes back up in price again.

The K4 TKL uses high quality Kailh Red linear switches, providing a smooth linear feel ideal for games and still great for typing. These are plate-mounted, meaning they’re attached to a metal plate rather than to the circuit board itself as you get on most cheaper mechanicals. Xtrfy have also gone to the trouble of pre-lubing the stabilisers and installing foam in the bottom of the board, ensuring each key press feels impeccable without producing a ton of noise.

This is a UK tenkeyless layout (hence the ‘TKL’ in the name), so you get a more compact keyboard that drops the numpad – this allows your arms to be more in line with your shoulders, and provides more space for moving your mouse around. It also makes the K4 TKL quite portable, so you could easily take this to a LAN party (once those start up again) or to a cafe to type up some papers.

In terms of the software, Xtrfy does something a bit different – there isn’t any software! Instead, everything from the lighting to the gaming mode can be set using the keyboard itself, so you don’t have to have yet another bit of bloatware installing, silently sucking system resources. The RGB lighting is bright and clear, shining through carefully inscribed legends, and you’re of course free to change to a single colour or turn off the lighting entirely if you don’t fancy the default rainbow wave that manufacturers like to use to show that their keyboards are capable of displaying every colour in the rainbow.

So: this is an awesome keyboard for its original price at £90 that we already strongly recommended. At £36.59, you should absolutely pick it up – this is an incredible way to get a top quality mechanical at a tiny fraction of its usual price. Even if you haven’t tried mechanicals before, or you already own three, this is cheap enough that you will still come out ahead! I literally already own one of these exact keyboards, and I still ordered another one – that’s how good this deal is. It’s arriving by 10PM tonight, and I can’t wait.