Concerned Farmer Uses Drone to Check on Sick Calf

JuJube the calf is facing some serious challenges, but farmer Dave is doing everything he can to ensure it grows up to enjoy life on this “ethical farm”.

A few weeks ago in Ontario, Canada, JuJube was born with difficulty walking and getting up, and a calf who cannot stand is unable to nurse or follow the herd around the vast expanse of rolling pasture.

With many acres of lush, green pasture and meadows to wander and graze upon, the calf’s mother Bernise has lived here for ten years, but in this situation, even a loving parent can’t help a sick creature like JuJube.

On this farm, which is family-owned and operated, they treat the animals more like pets—and Dave puts more emphasis on their health than profit.

A veterinarian was hired to come out to the farm every few days to examine JuJube and check on his progress. They initially suspected he might suffer from white muscle disease, which is a deficiency in selenium. They gave JuJube vitamins and supplements by injection, along with anti-inflammatories and antibiotics because the animal could also be suffering from an infection in his joints.

JuJube has responded well to treatments, but just to make sure he’s looking healthy, farmer Dave has employed a drone to check up on the latest member of the herd…